Ca$hing In on LinkedIn: Building a LinkedIn audience that generates 3-5 inbound leads a day and 6 figure$ a year

Shreya Pattar
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Do you want to build an online audience that can make you $$$$ every month?

I started posting content on LinkedIn in late 2018.

I was lucky to have discovered the power of LinkedIn almost overnight - my first LinkedIn post went viral:

This post got me my first 4 clients... at the time I wasn't even a freelancer!

I was just a student who loved writing and was really good at it. And that was enough for me to be trusted and hired by strangers on LinkedIn!

I saw the opportunity there

And continued to post on LinkedIn.

It took me weeks of regular content creation before I could find my next client,

And it was months before my post went viral again,

But within a year I created a LinkedIn audience that brought me about 5-8 qualified inbound leads every month.

Today I have 110,000+ followers on LinkedIn, one that brings me 3-5 inbound leads a day and makes me 6 figures a year.

In the last 3 years, regular content creation on LinkedIn has led me to:

  • Making 6-figures from my dorm room as a full-time undergraduate student

  • Standing out and becoming a memorable "businesswoman" in my university abroad

  • Graduating early from university and starting my own agency (still don't have my degree certificate by the way, and have never needed one to run my business)

  • Building an audience of 200,000+ across various platforms

  • Selling 1000s of copies of my ebooks to readers worldwide

  • Helping 1000s of freelancers beat the low "industry expectations" and make their first $ online, charge in advance, and freelance successfully

  • Giving 2 TEDx Talks and 100s of webinars and online talks

  • Working with and networking with global leaders and multi-millionaires,

    and more.

    And this is not just me. I have shared my LinkedIn journey, stories and strategies on multiple social media platforms before...

Freelancers, students and entrepreneurs who leveraged LinkedIn have achieved excellent results:

  • They hit $1000 income in their first month of freelancing

  • They generated a steady flow of inbound leads through regular content creation

  • They were so overbooked that they increased their prices month-by-month

  • They quit their 9-5 jobs with confidence and pursued freelancing/ their online business full-time

  • They increased their income and gained the luxury to buy the phones of their dreams; take their family on vacations; and take time off

  • They have clarity in their journey to financial freedom

Within a week of this ebook's release, 100s of readers have already started successfully leveraging LinkedIn:

Previous clients and email-challenge-takers have also monetised LinkedIn through my strategies:

An old client now generates 40+ leads a day and $50K monthly revenue through content creation on LinkedIn

This could be you too.

You could be leveraging LinkedIn and getting started with building your online business and gaining financial independence much earlier than you thought.

And Ca$hing In on LinkedIn can help you get there the fastest.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Ca$hing In on LinkedIn ebook:

Chapter 1: An Introduction

Here I tell you how I got started on LinkedIn, how I use LinkedIn to generate high-value leads for my content marketing agency, and why I am the right person to teach you how to leverage LinkedIn.

Chapter 2: An Introduction to LinkedIn

Here, I dive into LinkedIn - why you should use the platform, what you can do on it, and what type of profile you should create.

Chapter 3: Getting Started with LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers various types of profiles. In this chapter, I’ll tell you the difference between these profiles and which one you should pick for building a personal brand. I’ll also show you how to pick an engaging and profitable niche for your LinkedIn profile.

Chapter 4: Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn profile has tons of elements - Profile picture, headline, banner, About section, Experience section, Education, Volunteering… the list goes on. In this chapter, I’ll teach you how to set up an impressive LinkedIn profile, one that viewers will be intrigued to follow!

Chapter 5: Digging into your LinkedIn Profile

Since you’re building a personal brand, your LinkedIn profile needs to be easy to view and share, and contacting you should be convenient too. In this chapter, I’ll show you how to make small yet highly impactful tweaks in your LinkedIn settings and profile to maximise your reach, help you grow faster, and help you win your audience’s trust.

Chapter 6: Connections & Followers

Most social media platforms only have the concept of “Followers.” LinkedIn, however, has “Connections” and “Followers.” In this chapter, I’ll teach you the difference betwen these two types of audiences, how to connect strategically, and how to build relationships with your connections and followers.

Chapter 7: Content Creation on LinkedIn

The content you create and publish on LinkedIn will impact how fast you grow on LinkedIn, what sort of audience you build, and how you are able to monetise the platform. In this chapter, I’ll show you the various types of content you can post on LinkedIn, give you theme and topic ideas, and also explain the elements of a good LinkedIn post.

Chapter 8: Growing on LinkedIn

Once you have nailed down how to create content on LinkedIn, the next step is to focus on increasing the reach and engagement on your posts. In this chapter, I’ll share strategies for increasing your content’s visibility and growing your LinkedIn profile (and also cover the common mistakes that people make while trying to grow fast on LinkedIn)

Chapter 9: How to Monetise LinkedIn

With all this personal branding and audience-building you’ll be doing on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to start monetising your profile within a few months of consistent content creation. In this chapter, I’ll show you 6 LinkedIn monetisation methods, and no, you don’t need to have your own product or startup to apply them.

Chapter 10: A 30-day LinkedIn Roadmap

Finally, this 30-day LinkedIn Roadmap will give you a kickstart towards ca$hing in on LinkedIn! This will take about 45-60 minutes a day, and you can spread it out as multiple 10-15-minute commitments throughout the day.

That's not all... You get 3 bonuses too!


Learn the "secrets" of high-performing posts in this 45-min video analysis, and apply them to your own LinkedIn content!


Get templates for sending connection requests, starting a conversation in the DMs, and for commenting on others’ posts.


Starting December 2021, I'll be hosting a monthly Q&A session until December 2022 - Come and ask me questions about anything you're struggling with when it comes to LinkedIn content creation, brand building and monetisation! Don't worry if you miss any - recordings will also be provided.

Hey, this is me, Shreya Pattar!

I am an agency owner and content writer, creating content and working globally with high-ticket clients. I am a premium service provider, and my freelancing rates are amongst the highest in the freelancing world.

With a following of 110,000+ on LinkedIn and 44,000+ on Instagram, and having given 2 TEDx Talks, I have fast-tracked my way to a successful freelancing career. I have worked and experimented with hundreds and thousands of freelancing strategies and tactics to make this happen in the shortest time possible.

I now help freelancers like YOU save months & months of time, and avoid trial & error, so you can build an online presence, find more clients, make more money and freelance successfully! My previous three ebooks #Anthology, Money Call$, and Freelancing Freedom, and my Sprint From Scratch Challenge received rave reviews from freelancers across the globe and brought them results like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Shreya, I'm learning a lot from your Instagram and LinkedIn content. Why should I buy Ca$hing In on LinkedIn?"

Social media content, although valuable, is neither structured, nor all meant for beginners like you. On the other hand, Ca$hing In on LinkedIn is a structured, step-by-step method of building an audience and monetising LinkedIn.

Of course, you can figure all of this out by yourself too. The only difference is in how much time you're willing to spend in figuring it all out: 2-3 years of trial and error, or a few hours of learning from Ca$hing In on LinkedIn?

"Do I need a business idea or an infoproduct to earn from LinkedIn?"

No, you don't. The ebook includes various methods to monetise LinkedIn without having a business idea or your own products.

"How long will it take to generate a consistent flow of leads on LinkedIn?

Although you can get leads within the first few weeks of posting, you should expect to generate a consistent flow of leads in about 6-9 months. In all these months, you must put in the work everyday for it to work.

"I already have a good following on LinkedIn - How will Ca$hing In on LinkedIn help me?"

Although this ebook is meant for beginners, an established LinkedIn user like you can use this ebook to create more engaging content and build a targeted audience, one that would be interested in buying from you.

"Will this work for me?"

The strategies I have shared in this ebook have already worked for my clients and hundreds of freelancers. In the rare case that something doesn't work for you, pop in to the monthly Q&A sessions and I'll help you fix what's not working and get better results!

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Ca$hing In on LinkedIn: Building a LinkedIn audience that generates 3-5 inbound leads a day and 6 figure$ a year

27 ratings
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