#Anthology: Writing Content, Building An Audience On LinkedIn & Freelancing Successfully

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Do you want to:

  • Create click-worthy content but don’t know where to start?
  • Grow your visibility on LinkedIn but don’t know how it works?
  • Have a creative side hustle but are stuck?
  • Become a freelancer but can’t figure out how?

All these things are interconnected:

  • You grow online when you create content;
  • You get leads when you grow online;
  • The more leads you get, the more content you create.

If you are keen to start building your online presence and to kickstart your freelancing career, #Anthology may be the perfect ebook to start with.

Why #Anthology?

Because #Anthology is a collection of some of my very best LinkedIn posts.

That's right — these are the exact posts that my audience found valuable.

These are the exact posts that garnered massive engagement.

These are the exact posts that led me to over 50,000 followers on LinkedIn in just 20 months. (And that includes 25,000 followers in the recent 4 months.) You can check that out on linkedin.com/in/shreya-pattar

These are the exact posts that brought me 100s of leads and 1000s of $$$.

“I don’t write, and I don’t know what to write. Is #Anthology for me?”


#Anthology is for anyone who wants to start creating content, build a personal brand on LinkedIn, build an audience on LinkedIn, and start freelancing, even if you have never done it before.

Hopefully, the stories in this ebook will inspire you to write down your own stories. Or, you can always check out the 50+ prompts for LinkedIn posts available in this ebook!

“Will you give me the secret hacks?”


There are no secrets in this ebook.

No hacks.

No instant lead generation tools.

No “quick rich schemes.”.

This ebook is full of my experiences on LinkedIn and freelancing journey.

It took me over 1 year to understand the guidelines that are helpful to me in content creation.

This ebook will do 1 main thing — save you those months and years of trial and error.

“What will I learn from this ebook?”

This ebook covers 6 broad themes:

1. Writing (Tips for writing & communicating, and getting started)

2. Everyday lessons (Some lessons I learnt along the way)

3. Student life (How I leverage my experience as a student)

4. Mindset (How I built the right mindset towards freelancing, LinkedIn, and life in general)

5. LinkedIn (How to start on LinkedIn and build an audience)

6. Freelancing (How to close deals, negotiate, and always get paid worth your value)

Bonus: 50+ prompts to start writing LinkedIn posts!

Here's what my audience says about #Anthology:

Are you ready to save hours and hours of your time, and kickstart your LinkedIn & Freelancing journey?

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#Anthology: Writing Content, Building An Audience On LinkedIn & Freelancing Successfully

37 ratings
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