Twitter Anthology: A collection of my best threads on Freelancing, Content Creation and Everyday Lessons

Shreya Pattar
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I started posting regularly on Twitter quite recently.

Although I've tweeted many, many short-form, snappy tweets in the last few months, my preferred style of writing is narrative, long-form content...

So Threads quickly became my favourite kind of writing to do on Twitter.

I have written 40+ threads in the last few months. Some made it to Twitter; some will make it to Twitter over the next few weeks, and some may not make it to Twitter at all.

And of the ones that HAVE made it to Twitter over the last year of my fluctuating commitment to the platform, I've put together my top favourites in this ebook.

Twitter Anthology is a collection of my top Twitter threads until November 2021, spanning 3 core themes:

  1. Freelancing

    In these 10 threads, you'll learn how to find your first client, price your services, qualify your prospects, handle multiple clients; freelance while studying full-time, and more!

  2. Content Creation

    Read 8 threads that show you the common LinkedIn post mistakes; analysis of newsletters by my 3 favourite creators; content creation tips, and more!

  3. Everyday Lessons

    These 4 threads are my personal favourites! Here I share the lessons I've learnt from doing (or not doing) things that make up a big chunk of my day and life.

Hold on, there's more!

Along with the Twitter Anthology ebook, you'll also get access to Shreya's Ebooks: The 'Sneak Peek' Edition!

Get a sneak-peek into high-value extracts from my other 4 ebooks!

Ebook #1:

The extract includes the index and one post from each theme in this ebook - Writing, Everyday Lessons, Student Life, Mindset, LinkedIn, Freelancing.

Ebook #2:

The extract includes the index and Chapter 5: Smash These 9 Mental Barriers. This chapter covers the 9 mental barriers of conducting sales calls, and how to overcome them.

Ebook #3: [BESTSELLER!]

The extract includes the index and Chapter 8: Negotiating with Your Prospect. This chapter covers what negotiation is, how to negotiate on a sales call, and the unsaid 'rules' of negotiating.

Ebook #4:

The extract includes the index and a chapter that all readers of this ebook loved most: Chapter 9.2: Monetisation Method 1: Sell Services (Freelance). This chapter covers 3 ways to find clients on LinkedIn.

The value you'll get in the Twitter Anthology + extracts alone will be worth thousands of dollars to you. Literally:

Oh hey, this is me, Shreya Pattar... in my Xmas mode of course!

I am an agency owner and content writer, creating content and working globally with high-ticket clients. I am a premium service provider, and my rates are amongst the highest in the freelancing world.

With a following of 110,000+ on LinkedIn and 44,000+ on Instagram, and having given 2 TEDx Talks, I have fast-tracked my way to a successful online business career. I have worked and experimented with hundreds and thousands of freelancing, marketing, content creation and business strategies and tactics to make this happen in the shortest time possible.

I now help freelancers, creators, entrepreneurs, and students like YOU save months & months of time, and avoid trial & error, so you can build an online presence, find more clients, make more money and build a successful online business! My previous four ebooks #Anthology, Money Call$, Freelancing Freedom, and Ca$hing In on LinkedIn, and my Sprint From Scratch Challenge received rave reviews from freelancers, entrepreneurs and students across the globe and brought them results like never before.

Now for the big question I know you have for me:

"Shreya, I'm learning a lot from your Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn content. Why should I get Twitter Anthology?"

Social media content, although valuable, is neither structured nor easily accessible. On the other hand, Twitter Anthology is a structured collection of my best threads, which will teach you freelancing, content creation, and some memorable everyday lessons in a quick read!

And yes - You also get access to high-value extracts from my previous 4 ebooks!

You can get TONS of value for only $5!

So what are you waiting for?

Click "I want this!", and grab your copy of Twitter Anthology now!

I want this!

Twitter Anthology PDF + Shreya's Ebooks: The 'Sneak Peek' Edition

Twitter Anthology PDF
81 pages
Sneak Peek Edition PDF
High-value extracts from 4 ebooks - 39 pages


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Twitter Anthology: A collection of my best threads on Freelancing, Content Creation and Everyday Lessons

60 ratings
I want this!