Twitter Anthology II: A Collection of My Best Threads on Freelancing, Writing, Mindset, & more

Shreya Pattar
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After over a year of being active on Twitter, it's only in the last 3 months that I've discovered the kind of content that I truly align with creating on this platform.

I say this based on 4 metrics:

#1. Recognition of my writing

My Thread earned a quote-tweet from the $100M CEO himself (and he almost never retweets/ quote-tweets content by others)

This Thread earned me a Quote-Tweet and a follow from Dickie Bush (260k+ followers; Founder of Ship30for30)... and an endorsement from Jose Rosado (87k+ followers)

#2. Audience feedback

#3. Numbers

The average number of likes and comments on my tweets has shot up! I've gone from 123K profile visits and 508K tweet impressions in May... 460K profile visits and 1.68M Tweet Impressions in August!

#4. Fulfilment

The kind of writing I am doing now for Twitter... I find it fulfilling. Every time I write a new thread, my day feels "complete." I think it's because writing such Tweets and Threads brings out the 'writer' in me and not just the 'creator'... :)

Now, it's no secret that my biggest weapon behind these metrics has been writing Threads.

I have written more Threads in the last 3 months than I did in the 10+ months of my time on Twitter before that...

So what better time to bring back Twitter Anthology with a Part-2?

Twitter Anthology is already in over 2500 inboxes...

Now it's time to grab a copy of Twitter Anthology II: A Collection of My Best Threads on Freelancing, Writing, Mindset, & more!

Twitter Anthology II is a collection of my top Twitter threads from 2022, spanning 5 core themes:

  1. Freelancing
  2. Writing
  3. Content Creation
  4. Mindset
  5. Personal Reflections

Wait, that's not all!

Twitter Anthology II also includes 6 Bonuses:

BONUS 1: The Ideation Process Behind Each Thread

Learn the source of inspiration for each of these threads, and learn how to identify the various sources of inspiration around you.

BONUS 2: The Result of These Threads

How many impressions did my best-performing thread get? Which thread did a CEO worth $100M+ engage with? Which famous Twitter profile started following me after reading one of these threads? Find out the results generated by some of these threads!

BONUS 3: Twitter Content Strategy - For Beginners

Learn the step-by-step Twitter Content Strategy that I followed as a newbie on Twitter. I followed this strategy for 6+ months, and it got me my first 12,000 Twitter followers.

BONUS 4: Twitter Content Strategy - For Intermediate Tweeters

Learn the content creation strategy I have been using since July 2022. This strategy helped me 3x my average impressions (over 1.68M impressions in August 2022) and helped me gain 4K+ followers in 3 months. I now also make at least 1 ebook sale a day on Twitter alone.

BONUS 5: Free Updates in 2022

I will update this ebook with new Threads every month for the remainder of 2022. The price of the ebook will go up by $5 with each update. BUT! If you order the ebook now, you'll get all the updates for free!

BONUS 6: Watch Me Write A Thread [Coming Soon]

Watch me write a thread from scratch in this upcoming video.

Hey, this is me, Shreya Pattar!

I am an agency owner and content writer, creating content and working globally with high-ticket clients. I am a premium service provider, and my rates are amongst the highest in the freelancing world.

With a following of 130,000+ on LinkedIn, 85,000+ on Instagram, 18,000+ on Twitter, and having given 2 TEDx Talks, I have fast-tracked my way to a successful online business career. I have worked and experimented with hundreds and thousands of freelancing, marketing, content creation, and business strategies and tactics to make this happen in the shortest time possible.

I now help freelancers, creators, entrepreneurs, and students like YOU save months & months of time and avoid trial & error, so you can build an online presence, find more clients, make more money and build a successful online business!

I have released seven ebooks so far, with my bestsellers being Freelancing Freedom and Ca$hing In on LinkedIn. Like my ebooks, my Sprint From Scratch Challenge also received rave reviews from freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students across the globe and brought them results like never before.

Here's what you've said about my ebooks:

Finally... Let me answer the BIG question fluttering in your mind:

"Shreya, I'm learning a lot from your Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn content. Why should I get Twitter Anthology II?"

Social media content, although valuable, is neither structured nor easily accessible. On the other hand, Twitter Anthology II is a structured collection of my best threads, which will give you advice on freelancing, writing, content creation, and mindset - the kind of advice that you never knew you needed. All of this, in one quick read!

This ebook also includes some exclusive never-seen-before bonuses... all for only $9!

Click "I want this!" and grab your copy for $9!

I want this!

Ebook PDF + 28-min Bonus video (Bonus video #2 coming soon)

Ebook PDF
103 pages
Bonus 1 (28-min video)
The Ideation Process Behind Each Thread
Bonus 2
The Results of these Threads - Impressions, Engagement, Follows
Bonus 3
Twitter Content Strategy - For Beginners
Bonus 4
Twitter Content Strategy - For Intermediate Tweeters
Bonus 5
Free Access to All Thread Updates in 2022 (Price will go up by $5 with each update)
Watch Me Write A Thread


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Twitter Anthology II: A Collection of My Best Threads on Freelancing, Writing, Mindset, & more

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