Freelancing Freedom: From Caged Ideas to Your First Client (& More) in 10 Days

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Are you looking for the fastest route to go from $0 to $1000+ per month? 

As a new freelancer, I know exactly how you are feeling:

Liberated and excited by the idea of being self-employed and earning your own income


  • Overwhelmed by all the strategies you read and watch online 
  • Clueless on how to actually get started with freelancing - a portfolio? A personal website? Signing up on 10 different bidding-based platforms? (The answer is - None of these)
  • Stressed and frustrated by how complicated the process seems
  • Unsure about taking the risk of finding your own clients and making your own moneyInsecure about the unstable, inconsistent that comes with freelancing especially in the initial weeks
  • Nervous about finding clients, and then speaking with clients from across the globe
  • Demotivated by the absurd rates, lack of quality clients and all the free sample requests you face on a daily basisWorried about competitors and other established freelancers - how will you make a mark?
  • Afraid of all the self-promotion and marketing
  • Self-doubt, wondering whether you are fit for freelancing, or whether freelancing is fit for you
  • Blank on how to deal with certain adverse situations since you have no one to guide you at a newbie level
  • Burnt out by all the trial and error and experimentation with systems that don't work and clients that don't pay well
  • Distraught by the lingering question of "How long will it take to make a sustainable income as a freelancer?"

The big question is: Are you ready to overcome all of these self-limiting feelings and launch your freelancing career with confidence?

Then read on...

Introducing Freelancing Freedom - The Advanced Edition

The ultimate introduction to freelancing, and a step-by-step guide to finding your first client within 10 days.

Here's everything you get in Freelancing Freedom - The Advanced Edition

The Freelancing Freedom Guide

Get the ultimate introduction to freelancing - learn everything right from figuring out what to freelance in and how to create your offer, to finding your first client and completing a project successfully.

Mini-Guide 1: Money-Making Offers

This mini-guide includes a list of offers (individual and packages) that you can offer to your clients for hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. The list helps various kinds of freelancers - writers, video editors, graphic designers, social media managers, and more.

Mini-Guide 2: Handling prospect objections as a newbie

How you handle your prospect objections at the beginning of your career will be (and should be) different from how you handle them 6 months down the line. In this guide, I show you how to handle prospect objections like a newbie, so you can handle them like a pro really soon.

Mini-Guide 3: Roadmap to $1000 per month

Find a step-by-step 3-month roadmap that will help you navigate from your first client to earning $1000+ per month.

Template 1: Proposal

No matter what service you provide, use this template to prepare your proposal in minutes and get one step closer to finalising your deal! 

Template 2: Contract

Stop worrying about leaving loopholes in your contract. Simply download this contract template, fill in your details, and send it to your client for their signature... all in as little as 10 minutes.

Template 3: Invoice

Use this foolproof invoice template and never get any "Hey you forgot to mention the invoice number" kind of emails from your client (and minimise any delays in payment.)

Template 4: Rate card

Whether you choose to send a rate card to your prospect or just wish to make one for yourself, this template will be a life-saver, and money-saver, once you fill it up!

Template 5: Client Management Sheet

Track all your prospect updates and client progress with ease!

Template 6: Money Management Sheet

Track your personal and business-related income and expenses in this clean & minimalistic yet efficient money management sheet.

Template 7: To-Do List Template

Use this template to create your next to-do list and you'll tick off more boxes on your list than you've ever done before!

In Freelancing Freedom, you'll learn EVERYTHING to need to know to become a freelancer:

  • Figuring out what profitable skill(s) you should freelance in; shortlisting your niche and creating an irresistible offer
  • Discovering the value of your service so you can charge more, and earn a more-than-sustainable freelancing income
  • Prospecting methods that will help you find your first client within 10 days, and make you go “I closed a new client!” all year long
  • Setting the terms of your work in ways that help you maximise your freelancing career
  • The said and unsaid ‘rules’ of creating and sending work portfolios, proposals, contracts, invoices, and other ‘freelancing things’
  • The Do’s and Don’ts and Maybe’s of the freelancing world for newbies
  • Creating systems to plan your way ahead and build a successful and thriving freelancing career.

You Can Now Learn Freelancing - Self-Employment That Will Make You $1000s Every Month - For Just $37! 

Get Freelancing Freedom - The Advanced Edition, for $37.

If you have a tight budget, get the Freelancing Freedom - The Fundamental Edition for Only $21! 

If you only wish to learn how to get started with freelancing, or you're on a tight budget, you can get Freelancing Freedom - The Fundamental Edition. This includes the Freelancing Freedom Guide, where you'll learn everything you need to about going from "I have no idea about freelancing" to "I've booked my first client!"

Want a personal boost? Get Freelancing Freedom - The Premium Edition for $147.

Along with the Freelancing Freedom Guide and everything else in the Advanced Edition, you will also get a 45-minute 1:1 Coaching Call with me. Get YOUR questions answered and YOUR challenges resolved within 45 minutes.

"Shreya, this is exactly what I've been looking for! But do you think Freelancing Freedom will work for ME?" 

I KNOW Freelancing Freedom will work for you. And I know this because Freelancing Freedom is a guide inspired by my highly successful Freelancer's Sprint From Scratch Challenge. Over 1800 people took this #FSFS challenge and anyone who followed through saw freelancing results like never before:

Freelancers found their first clientFreelancers found their first client who then renewed them long-termFreelancers made their first $50, $100, $500!

Hey, this is me, Shreya Pattar!

I am a freelance writer, creating content and working globally with high-ticket clients. I am a premium service provider, and my freelancing rates are amongst the highest in the freelancing world.

With a following of 100,000+ on LinkedIn and 44,000+ on Instagram, and having given 2 TEDx Talks, I have fast-tracked my way to a successful freelancing career. I have worked and experimented with hundreds and thousands of freelancing strategies and tactics to make this happen in the shortest time possible.

I now help freelancers like YOU save months & months of time, and avoid trial & error, so you can find more clients, make more money and freelance successfully! My first two ebooks #Anthology and Money Call$, and my Sprint From Scratch Challenge received rave reviews from freelancers across the globe and brought them results like never before.

I know you've got questions:

"Shreya, I'm learning a lot from your Instagram and LinkedIn. Why should I buy Freelancing Freedom?"

Social media content, although valuable, is neither structured, nor all meant for beginner freelancers like you. On the other hand, Freelancing Freedom is a structured, step-by-step method of launching your freelancing career, one that will fast-track you to $1000+ per month. 

Of course, you can figure all of this out by yourself too. The only difference is in how much time you're willing to spend in figuring it all out: 2-3 years of trial and error, or a few hours of learning from Freelancing Freedom?

"But Shreya, I don't even know WHAT to freelance in..."

That's absolutely alright! In Freelancing Freedom, I show you how to even pick a skill to freelance in! The best part is, the skill you'll pick is one you already have, which means... you can start creating your offer and looking for your first client right away!

"You always ask us to charge in advance but I don't have the confidence to apply such protips yet..."

Freelancing Freedom is meant for new freelancers and includes tips that you'll feel absolutely comfortable applying as someone who's just starting out! 

"Shreya I've been freelancing for 6 months but still struggling with making good money. Will this guide help me?"

Yes! Whether you are planning to start freelancing, or are already an established freelancer with months and years of experience, Freelancing Freedom will help you systemise your freelancing career and fast-track you to $1000+ per month.

Ready to order your copy?

Choose your preferred edition, click "I Want This", and order Freelancing Freedom! 

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Freelancing Freedom: From Caged Ideas to Your First Client (& More) in 10 Days

47 ratings
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